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Get ready to grow your favorite herbs and spices at home. We've made it as simple as possible, and with your support we can make it available for everyone.

With our Smart Herb Garden you can grow basil, thyme or other herbs without worrying whether the plants have enough water, nutrients or light. Just plug it into the wall and add water, the smart device takes care of everything else.

Each Smart Herb Garden comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm, plus mini tomato and salad rocket as stretch goals (see below). Refill cartridges will be available for chili pepper, mini tomato, peppermint, spinach, salad rocket and various kinds of lettuce. Just between us, we're also working on strawberries.


Global Availability

We guarantee fast hassle-free delivery in the US and European Union. 

Some countries are very strict when it comes to dealing with live plants and seeds, even harmless ones like ours. We therefore can't guarantee a smooth delivery to rest of the World. In countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil you may have to pay customs tax when you pick up your Smart Herb Garden, or may have to insert seeds yourself. We will refund backers in countries we can't deliver to.


More color for optional

The classic Smart Herb Garden is white, but we also have a couple of color options here on Kickstarter. If you choose the $49 backing level you can choose between yellow, Soft Pink and blue for your smart garden. And if people like the colorful options more, we might pick one of them as our standard option in the future.

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