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Why we exist

 Sunlight is rare even in balcony/kitchen for crowded city with apartment high rise buildings.  We need the green plant around us, but due to the lack of sunlight, we often give up. Green.pet is just a gift for lazy fellow, Just press a button, the plant will be able to grow.


Are you a home gardener looking for assistance to help you save time? Are you an enthusiast trying to plant indoor? Are you a busy homeowner killed plants previously? Are you an apartment dweller who struggles to keep a houseplant alive?    

Living among trees, plants and flowers can fill your life with beauty. And if you are a woman, it can also help you live longer.


Researchers found that women who live in homes surrounded by plants appear to have lower death rates than women who live in areas with less greenery.


One of the biggest effects of greenery appeared to be a lowered risk of respiratory disease and cancer. Here are some numbers. The study found that women living in areas with the most greenery had a 34 percent lower rate of dying from a respiratory disease and a 13 percent lower rate of dying from cancer.


Green.pet is a soil-free indoor smart garden system that grows plants several times faster than soil. It makes the year round indoor gardening possible. Nutrient and lighting supply was controlled by the single chip computer inside. Even Children without gardening skills can grow their favorite plants from seed to grown plants in several weeks.

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